HAPPINESS within (New Book) by Robert Swetz

HAPPINESS within by Robert Swetz                                                                                 10-4-2012

Everyone is always searching for “Happiness” so I decided to write a book about Happiness.

When we are born into this world, Happiness for the most part is kind of a natural feeling of course unless we are hungry, tired, fall down, get hurt, are scolded or scared in some way.

At a very young age Happiness is a feeling we really enjoy and a feeling which we try to repeat as often as possible. Whether this feeling of Happiness comes from playing with our parents, relatives, friends, playing games, running, laughing, joking, eating foods we like or anything that helps to create that Happiness we can’t seem to get enough of it.

There have been studies done on Happiness and around 50% of Happiness is genetic, 10% is created from money & materialistic things and the other 40% of Happiness we create within ourselves. As we get older the endorphins in our brains that help to create happiness slow down/ burn out and stop working, which in turn make it more difficult to achieve Happiness.

This book titled (HAPPINESS within) is a very straight forward, simple book with photographs inserted to help our minds in some way make a connection to the words written in the book.
I wrote this book for everyone of all ages that are searching for Happiness they might have lost along the way in life.
This book on Happiness is for people that may have grown up in abusive relationships & families, broken relationships, deadend jobs, low self worth, divorce, substance abuse, death of loved ones and more.

When you read this book, try to read it with an open mind. After reading a few pages take a good look at the photographs and try to imagine yourself there. Try to relax when you read this book because this book is all about you and bringing Happiness back into your life.

I have done my best to refrain from writing any negative words or sentences in this book. I really wanted this book to be all about positive happy thoughts and images.
Now get ready to turn the light back on into your life when it comes to being Happy and enjoy my words of wisdom.

Robert Swetz

HAPPINESS within (New Book) by Robert Swetz

HAPPINESS within (New Book) by Robert Swetz


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